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Education Documents and T&C’s

Before booking an education programme please read our Education Documents and Terms and Conditions.

Terms and Conditions

Listed in alphabetical order


We are a fully accessible site, with wheelchair access, an accessible lift taking you up to the mezzanine floor and an accessible toilet on the ground floor. Pupils must not use our accessible lift unless they have access requirements and anyone using the lift must at all times be accompanied by an adult.

Amendments and Cancellations

A refund will be available for bookings that have been cancelled up to 28 days or amended up to 21 days prior to the visit date. Refunds will not be available for bookings that have been cancelled within 28 days or amended within 21 days of the date of the visit.

Bookings and Payment

All educational visits must be paid 14 days prior to the visit date.
Payments can be made by a BACS transfer, Credit/ Debit Card or by a cheque (Cheques should be drawn in favour of ‘Ekaleco Limited’).
If you are booking within 14 days of your visit you must make an immediate payment via BACS.

Code of Conduct

It is the responsibility of teachers and the accompanying adults to supervise the welfare and behaviour of visiting student groups at all times.

Pupils are not allowed to run in the exhibition or climb on any of the exhibits.

Pupils are strictly forbidden to damage or vandalise any part of the exhibition or its surrounding areas.

All visiting adults and students should treat all Emirates Aviation Experience staff members with courtesy and respect. Any offensive or threatening behaviour could result in your pupils or groups being removed from the exhibition.

Groups must at all times remain in the allocated area of the exhibition until they are relocated by a member of the Education Staff. This will either be the ground floor, or the mezzanine floor.

Pupils must stay in their allocated groups at all times.

All students must remain in the exhibition at all times and must not leave the building or enter the café / shop without the permission of a member of Education Staff.

During your visit, the exhibition will also be open to members of the public. All members of the public should be treated with courtesy and respect. Any offensive behaviour could result in pupils or groups being removed from the exhibition.

Consumption of any food and drink is strictly prohibited within the exhibition.

Data Protection

Emirates Aviation Experience is committed to protecting your privacy. Emirates Aviation Experience will not share your details with any other company or institution during your visit with us.

Disclaimer and Liability

Any belongings left unattended within the exhibition areas are left at your own risk. Emirates Aviation Experience does not take responsibility for any lost or stolen possessions.

All visiting establishments are liable for any damages sustained by their visiting party to Emirates Aviation Experience’s exhibition, exhibits, café or shop, unless it is a direct result of gross negligence or intent by Emirates Aviation Experience.

Flight Simulators

The simulators are NOT TOYS, they are very expensive pieces of technical equipment and should be treated with respect.

Only 5 people are allowed in one simulator booth at any time.

No one under the age of 9 is permitted to use the simulators.

Do not sit on the simulators, only allocated seating areas are allowed to be used.

You must control the simulators gently, hard and heavy movements can damage or break them. Teachers must monitor their students to ensure this instruction is followed.

Loss or Damage

Any costs incurred through loss or damage to property caused by student behaviour will be charged to the visiting school, college, university or group.


A minimum number of students for tours and workshops is 10. A maximum number of students for tours and workshops is 30.

A minimum number of students for Full Day Programmes is 20. A maximum number of students for Full Day Programmes is 50.

Ratio of adults per pupils

  • 1:3 for Early Years Foundation Stage and SEN students
  • 1:5 for Key Stage 1 students
  • 1:7 for Key Stage 2 students
  • 1:10 for Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 students
  • 1:12 for Further Education students

Special Requirements

Details of any students with special requirements must be given during the booking process.

Time of Arrival

Please arrive 10 minutes before your session is due to begin and assemble outside the main entrance of the exhibition.

If you arrive late to your visit, that time will have to be deducted from your session.